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I would highly recommend Marc Grimaldi to anyone in need of an attorney. I found Marc to be a dependable attorney willing to work hard for me and my family.

My wife and I were involved recently with an incident that required the services of an attorney. Marc and his team did an outstanding job to support us with our needs. Their approach was diligent, professional, timely and their rates were reasonable.

Thanks to Marc Gimaldi, our matter turned out positive for our family. Based on our experience I highly recommend Marc Grimaldi to anyone looking for an outstanding lawyer.


Attorney Grimaldi was recommended to me by a fellow member of my Girls Softball Board of Directors. I had a good feeling after he returned my initial (after hours) phone call within one hour. I initially feared I was in a close to impossible situation but Marc assured me that things were not as bad as they seemed and I had an extremely good case. Sure enough, the end result echoed his initial analysis.

His costs remained within my budget and his (and firm’s) customer service was outstanding and I was always in the loop as to all developments.

If I have to hire an attorney again, it will surely be Marc.


I do not give recommendations easily, especially this one I am happy to write for Attorney Marc Grimaldi. My background with Lawyers and the law has been through a divorce I went through 8 years ago. Unlike Mr. Grimaldi, the attorneys I had run into then including my ex’s attorneys had no conscious, especially for my children. I had found that all the bad jokes people had said about attorneys are true and worse! Also, don’t expect justice from the courts or judges.
Fortunately, I can tell you that Mr. Grimaldi and his team are honest & trustworthy. He actually cares about the outcome of his work and your case.
As a consequence of knowing a variety of attorneys I have recently recommended Mr. Grimaldi to my own son on a legal case. I trust him with my son!
Fortunately, nowadays you have the privilege of these reviews.
Choose Mr. Grimaldi, he is the right choice!!


Best attorney I have ever worked with. Available all the time. Extreme comfort level from the beginning. Told me what He was going to do and He did it. Staff was fabulous. This is the man you want watching your back.


Marc and his associates did a great job working with me through my difficult divorce. Marc and his team are very thorough and conscious of every detail.


Attorney Grimaldi has been representing my family in a on going family matter. Working with Attorney Grimaldi and his office has been very comforting. They have been very quick to address our legal problems and did so aggressively and cost effectively. We enjoyed working with him and his office. It was a very satisfying experience for our family.


I’ve been working with Marc for a couple months now and I can absolutely recommend him. He is the type of person you are glad to have on your side when it comes to the law. He’s very easy to work with, his rates were not too expensive (very reasonable) and he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the law.

He was always up to date with new changes to laws and I found this very helpful. Marc is extremely good at communicating the goals and issues we had to deal with and he’s got a great work ethic to actually get the job done.

For work quality and value I would say it was top notch. This is because in the end Marc gets the job done and does it right, and when it comes to price vs what I got out of it it was 100% worth it. I have worked with many attorneys over the years and he is not as expensive as others I’ve dealt with in the past and I feel like it was absolutely worth it. Overall my experience working with Marc was great I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.


Honesty would not be a description generally attributed to describe A lawyer, but Attorney Marc Grimaldi, Attorney Sandy Pesiridis and his staff were hard working, persistent, honest and had more integrity than anyone I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Marc, Sandy and his staff pursued this case with unwavering diligence. I would highly recommend these attorneys and this law firm to anyone who is in need of outstanding lawyers.


Marc is a very thorough attorney. Highly knowledgeable in all aspects of law, and committed to his clients. Professional, courteous and driven to succeed. Marc kept me informed during all phases of my case and was genuinely interested in my input, as well as to my overall understanding of the proceedings. Nobody ever wants to go through litigation, especially in my case, however attorney Grimaldi was very personable, and made me feel at ease. If your looking for a good divorce lawyer, look no further.


Attorney Grimaldi represented me in a recent automobile accident that I was a victim of. Marc aggressively defended my rights and claims from the moment I contacted him until the relief I sought was rightly attained. Attorney Grimaldi and his team were exceptionally professional and cared about my needs and wishes – something you do not always find at every firm. I would highly recommend Grimaldi Law LLC to all of my family and friends.


Marc is extremely hard-working, tenacious, competent and enthusiastic. He is dedicated to his clients and goes above what is necessary to make ensure a positive outcome for his clients. I highly recommend him and his firm.


Marc represented us in the sale and purchase of our new home and although it should have been routine, it wasn’t, and we need skilled representation and we got it and I thank god we retained his office.


I was involved recently in a bitter and difficult divorce and needed an experienced attorney who would be thorough and could give 100% of his attention and time, but at the same time keeping the costs reasonable, kind of tough thing to expect with most of the attorneys especially after my experience with previous two attorneys on my case.
I found Marc thru a reference and he came in to represent me at a very difficult stage of my case.
After initial review of my case, he was immediately up to the job.
I still remember his comments, after initial review, that he likes to take on difficult and challenging cases and that he would like me to be as relaxed as possible and leave all stresses and challenges for his office to handle. It was very comforting to hear that.
And that’s exactly what he and his wonderful team, especially his very competent associate Attorney Sandy Pesiridis, did and delivered.
Marc and his associate are very competent, very professional, very thorough and very hard working. Their attention to detail is remarkable.
Their level of dedication is such that I always felt that mine was the only case that Marc’s office was working on 24/7 with full personal attention. And this is so important because of the fact that a friend of mine who happened to be Marc’s client as well, felt the same way. This is so unique about his representation considering the fact that he seemingly is representing multitude of clients at the same time.
While truly professional, Attorney Marc and his associate Attorney Sandy were always sensitive to my emotions and cared for my wishes as a client. They showed vast knowledge about the family law. While outlining my options as to what law may or may not provide on any given issue, they always respected and were always sensitive to my wishes as a client. They always valued my input and always kept me informed about the status of my case. As tough and sensitive as divorces are, Marc and his team, were completely professional but with a very personal touch and made me feel as part of their family and always kept my best interests on the forefront.
Now that my case is over, looking back, I appreciate their insight, understanding and approach more than ever.
Attorney Marc was very reasonable and cost effective and worked diligently on my case.
Marc and his team especially his associate Attorney Sandy Pesiridis did a great job working on my difficult divorce and getting me great results.
I would highly recommend Grimaldi Pesredes, LLC to all of my family and friends. If you are looking for a good divorce lawyer, you would want Marc and his team on your side.


Marc Grimaldi is an excellent lawyer and a man of great integrity and character. Choosing a lawyer is one of the most daunting and difficult tasks you can face, especially when your relationship with your children is at stake. Choosing Marc Grimaldi to represent you in a high conflict divorce is the absolute smartest thing you can do. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, wise, widely known and respected in MA Family Courts, and he cares. Family Court judges don’t understand or appreciate the dynamics of Parental Alienation. Even area mental health professionals don’t really understand or know how to respond to Parental Alienation. The continuous “drama” of accusations were an effort to keep the Court from focusing on the facts of the case. Marc has years of experience in dealing with high conflict divorces and difficult people. He gets it. He knows what is at stake. He is realistic and practical, as well as passionate and tenacious. Marc knows how to find resolution where there seems to be none. I realized early that Marc was trustworthy and I believed in his approach, although in such a tragic situation there were many “bitter pills” to swallow. Marc has a great network of professional contacts. Marc assisted me in creating a team of therapists (indiv. and family) to help me and my children, as well as assist the Guardian Ad Litem to see beyond the false facade created. The Family Court system failed in many ways, but Marc kept focused on what was possible and best for my children. He provided excellent counsel as well as representation. Marc helped me to see beyond “winning and losing” and turn my energy toward preserving all the good things in my relationship with my children. I saw other lawyers act in reprehensible ways, but Marc was a true professional and never got pulled into the drama or nonsense. All of Marc’s associates (especially Attorney Sandy Peridisi) are highly skilled legal experts, who like Marc are always professional and caring. Sandy and Marc worked extraordinarily well together and with me, during a very complex case. Their strategies and efforts were balanced and intentional. All of the paralegals were also very impressive, helpful and efficient. I never had difficulty communicating or getting the attention/action I needed. Now on the “other side,” I’m most grateful to Marc for keeping me in charge of my own case. He always explained my options and had me choose what I believed was best. Marc kept me focused on being the good father I am despite all of the pain and chaos. I’m grateful to Marc for always helping me find and take the “high road.” Marc and Sandy helped me to be the parent my children needed to cope with their own pain and chaos. My divorce, given the Parental Alienation and “scorched earth” tactics of my ex-spouse, was so much more than a legal battle. I am glad that I had so much more than a lawyer at my side. I could never pay Marc in money what he was worth to me and my children during this epic journey. I hope your story is simpler, but be prepared.


Grimaldi & Peseredes, LLC is a great law firm for those seeking divorce specifically a contested divorce. I hired these lawyers for my divorce specifically Marc Grimaldi, Sandy Pesiridis and Christina Corda. I was up against a vicious ex who was fighting for custody, assets and everything he could to gain power. These lawyers did an outstanding job in preventing litigation at trial and coming to an agreement with the crazy controlling ex. They fought hard on my behalf when all odds were against me. They make you feel like family and truly believed in me as if I was a brother or sister. All three lawyers are amazingly versed in law and come with extensive experience in controversial divorce cases. They understood how to deal with my narcissist husband and guided me with communicating with him yet still keeping my dignity. They were always fair financially and never over billed me. The money I spent was the best money I ever spent as the quality of work they did was beyond what I ever expected. Hire this law firm. You will be glad with the results.


We recently used the legal services of Attorney Marc Grimaldi. From beginning to end he was exceptionally professional and incredibly prompt in getting back to emails and calls. He is very reasonably priced and worked very hard to achieve the outcome we wanted. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer who goes above and beyond for their clients.


For anyone seeking a great divorce attorney, I would highly recommend Atty Marc Grimaldi.Through the very stressful process of divorce, you would want Marc Grimaldi on your side. Marc was always present throughout answering every phone call and question and is truly compassionate about people and the process, He is very smart and savvy in the courtroom and even though my case didn’t have to go to trial ( Marc is about saving you money and great at negotiating and truly what was in my best interest). His team and office staff(Nehdi) are super professional , helpful and very nice.
I would highly recommend Marc Grimaldi to my family & friends and respect the true professional he is.


Marc was outstanding in representing me in my recent divorce. He is attentive to detail to a fault, and got me the best deal possible. While there tend to be delays in this process, Marc always made sure nothing fell between the cracks. He is approachable, down to earth and a bull dog when you need one. Fantastic representation. Could not recommend him any higher.


I first met Attny Grimaldi for a consultation in 1998 when things were going badly in my marriage. He was kind and considerate but also very through. At that time I decided to stay in my marriage. Eight years later when I was ready to get divorced I remembered Attny Grimaldi and sought him out. He had moved offices but after just a few moments of talking with him he knew who I was and even went and found my file that he had written up all those years ago. I knew immediately that he was the right attorney for me. Attny Grimaldi guided me through a painful divorce, explaining very step of the way and calming me when I felt panicked and overwhelmed by the situation. At times it seemed that every member of his staff was working on my case. Unfortuately, throughout the years issues related to my divorce have come up and I have to ask for Attny Grimaldi’s help again but I am always totally confident in him, his professionism and INTENSE attention to detail. I know for sure that Attny Grimaldi will work extremely hard to resolve my legal needs. I now feel that I have an attorney whom I can totally trust for my legal needs for the rest of my life.


I hired Marc’s law firm Grimaldi Peseredes, LLC to represent me in my divorce case. Marc was very professional and knowledgeable and I always felt like he was looking out for my best interests. My ex-wife and her attorney were constantly dragging their feet throughout the process but Marc helped to ensure that my case was settled in a timely manner, that I received adequate parenting time with my child, and that my assets were protected to the greatest extent possible. I would highly recommend Attorney Grimaldi and this law firm.


I can always depend on Attorney Marc Grimaldi to represent my best interests. Over the past ten years, Marc has handled my divorce and custody cases with the utmost knowledge, respect, and fairness. Marc takes the time to explain, document, and control the process every step of the way so there are never any surprises. He answers all of my calls and questions no matter how trivial. In the courtroom, Marc is aggressive and on point. His ability to curtail a self-serving, gratuitous ex-husband was nothing short of amazing. Marc goes above and beyond leaving no stone unturned. Marc and his staff make me feel like I’m their only client. I feel confident knowing they have my back at all times. I would highly recommend Marc Grimaldi and his firm to handle your legal needs with the professionalism and care you deserve.


Marc and his team were amazing, they were very diligent about getting everything I needed done. They were always on top of every email and phone call and never left me in the dark and explained everything to me every step of the way. They are fierce and would highly recommend them!


I hired Attorney Grimaldi to help me terminate alimony payments I had been making to my former spouse for over twenty years. Marc did really excellent work for me and I highly recommend him. I like that he has many years of experience working in the probate and family courts in Massachusetts and that he also has a strong understanding of the Mass Alimony Reform Act that went into effect in 2012. I appreciate that he gave me direct, honest, relevant and pragmatic feedback/advice at every point throughout the process. And, most importantly to me, he was clearly focused on getting me the best outcome as quickly as possible and not on maximizing revenue for himself. Marc was a consummate professional at all times when negotiating with my former spouse, which I think went a long way to resolving the matter quickly. He also did an excellent job of helping me through the labyrinth of my own expectations and emotions by being direct and factual. I felt his fees were very reasonable and never overstated and that I got excellent value for my money. The matter is fully resolved now and I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and the speed with which it was accomplished. Highly recommended!!


I hired Marc Grimaldi to handle my daughters divorce. Marc was able to get a restraining order, child support, divorce, the X’s name taken off the deed, all liens discharge, and the house sold. Marc did this with his team of Christina Corda, and Nephi Sharma, all working all hours getting these difficult task accomplished. The team always returned my phone calls and emails. I can’t say enough about them.


My dad hired Marc to represent me on my divorce. Marc was able to accomplish everything I ask for. Restraining order, child support, and my name on the deed and my x’s name off the deed. Marc worked closely with my dad and I , taking emails even on weekends. Marc even provided transportation for me to go to court at no charge. I can’t say enough about Marc and his staff.


Marc represented me during my divorce. He was incredibly thorough and detail-oriented. He was available throughout the entire process by phone and e-mail and promptly responded to all of my questions. His advice, guidance and support helped me every step of the way. He was generous with his time and his prices were very fair. 100% recommended.


Marc and his team at Grimaldi & Pesiridis, LLC did an amazing job. They took my case step by step making sure every step was the right move. They made sure my daughter was out of harm’s way. Marc and is team are very professional. They look out for their clients and make sure there happy. I could not be happier with Marc and his team.


Marc and his team have been outstanding to work with. Erin has worked hard assisting Marc during my case. I had a difficult divorce with a very difficult ex-husband and Marc was the only one that was able to handle him. Marc is professional and has expertise in his field. I highly recommend him and his team. Not sure I would have made it through the past year without him.


Marc and his team have been excellent and very supportive ! My case has been a rollercoaster ride in probate court at the moment and I’m thankful for the teams support. Marc is very prompt, knowledgeable and understanding. Amy has held my hand since day one in court and works hard also on my case. I walk into the courtroom it’s like walking in with a supportive friend. Erin has also been great and welcoming when speaking on the phone with her and entering the office! I thank Grimaldi & Pesiridis LLC for all they have done for me!